Our team

Vladimir Jurišić, dipl.oec.Vladimir Jurišić, mag.oec.

Born in 1983, attended elementary and secondary school in Bosnia, Italy and Croatia. After completing the Italian  high school ''Dante Alighieri'' in Pula, consequently graduated in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics Dr. Mijo Mirković in Pula. Fluent knowledge of Croatian, Italian and English language, with solid knowledge of German as well. After several year of working experience in the tourism, has been working in the real estate field since 2010.

Mobile: +385 98 829 229


Maja Jurišić Škara, prof.Maja Jurišić Škara, prof.

Born in 1979 in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In 2006 graduated the study in German and Italian language and literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and is official court interpreter for the aforementioned two languages. She is also a licensed real estate agent (registration number in the Registry of Real Estate Agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce: 109/2010). Has been working in the real estate sector since 2008.

Mobile: +385 98 82 92 09


Sanja Dolenec, mag.oec.Sanja Dolenec, mag.oec.

During her studies Sanja wasted no time in adding several international projects to her CV, always achieving excellent results. Since she had graduated Marketing Management at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Sanja Dolenec has been working for 2 years in the tourist sector. She is fluent in English and German. The position of Senior Assistent Marketing Manager and Sales Referent in Hot Corner company enables her to deliver great service to all the parties involved with our organization and emhasis her mobility, creativity and job engagement . She is fluent in English and German.

Mobile: +385 99 759 8646


Tomislav Jurišić, dipl.ing.Tomislav Jurišić, dipl.ing.

Born in Busovaca (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1948. A graduate metallurgical engineer with several decades of work experience and international carrier in the sectors of commerce, wood industry and real estate selling.

Mobile: +385 98 224 305